The Sanctuary at Kingdom Square

History of The Sanctuary
(Formerly the Glendale Baptist Church)

Anthony G. Maclin, Pastor

             The Glendale Baptist Church was founded in a small frame building in early 1927.  The late Rev. Bernard Botts, son of Metropolitan Baptist Church, felt it was necessary to have a house of worship in the Northeast area of Washington, DC.  While visiting a friend on Gault Place Northeast, the late Mrs. Irene Botts saw two small boys, Jesse and Claude Anderson, playing.  She inquired of them if they knew who owned the frame building at 4502 Gault Place Northeast.  They referred her to their mother, Mrs. Mary Kelly, who gave Mrs. Botts the necessary information concerning the real estate agent.

            After consulting with the real estate agent, Rev. Botts decided to rent the house.  The late Deacon Kelly assisted in getting the house ready for church services.  Deacon Kelly removed the inner walls and built the first pulpit.  After renting the house for a few months, Rev. Botts decided to purchase it.  A few members then met to select a name for the church. The name decided upon was Glendale Baptist Church because of the churchís geographical location in Washington, DC, which at that time was known as Glendale.  Rev. Botts was subsequently elected pastor.

            The late Mrs. Smallwood, a member of Metropolitan Baptist Church, was very helpful to Rev. Botts in the early organization of the Church.  Shortly thereafter, an order of Church service was developed consisting of Sunday School, Morning Service and Evening Service.  Rev. Ernest Miltier, son of Metropolitan Baptist Church, provided a helping hand with the church services.

            Rev. Botts found it necessary to return to his churches in Maryland and Virginia and left Rev. Miltier in charge.  Rev. Miltier became pastor in July 1927.  The church suffered a spiritual and financial decline in 1932, however help was sought under the leadership of the late Deacon Percy Brown and others.

The late Rev. William H. Gibsonís name was submitted to the membership by the late Rev. R. D. Grymes of Salem Baptist Church.  Rev. Gibson accepted the call and preached his first pastoral sermon on January 22, 1933.  He started a building program that ended in the erection of a new edifice at 4504 Gault Place, NE.  On Sunday, May 14, 1933, Rev. R. D. Grymes preached the cornerstone-laying sermon.  Immediately after the sermon, the cornerstone was laid by the Independent Order of Elks of the World.

            On December 6, 1962, due to Rev. Gibsonís failing health, a specially called meeting was held with the Official Board.  At that meeting, Rev. Gibson agreed to retire, effective December 31, 1962, after 29 years of service.

            The Pulpit Committee, comprised of the Official Board, searched for a new pastor for 10 months.  The name of Abraham Lincoln Colston was presented to the Church on Friday, October 25, 1963.  Deacon Percy Brown was the moderator at that meeting.  The Official Board and the 40 members present unanimously voted for Rev. Colston.  At the November 8, 1963 Church meeting, which Rev. Colston moderated, his letter of acceptance was read and received.

On Sunday, January 5, 1964, Rev. Colston preached his incoming sermon titled ďA Soldierís Interview With His Captain.Ē  On, Sunday, February 23, 1964, Rev. Colston was duly installed by Rev. H. Ellis Turner of Carron Baptist Church.

God richly blessed Rev. Colston with the power to lead.  Upon his arrival, a new chapter was opened in the life of Glendale.  The pages are filled with many good acts and deeds taken from the life of one whom we believe was dedicated to the cause and one who, after his interview with his Captain, foresaw what was needed for Glendale.  He pursued his goals, even to the point of exhaustion at times, doing what he knew the Lord wanted him to do.


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